Setting up parental controls on Showmax is quite simple. They use profiles which are restricted rather than blocking individual content the way Netflix does but it works. Follow these instructions to enable Showmax parental controls.

  1. Log into your account either on a web browser or a mobile app.
  2. Click My Account, then Profiles.
  3. You should see your name as the only profile with “Adults” set at the parental control option.
  4. Click the edit button (looks like a little pen) or press “Update Profile” on the mobile app.
  5. Type your PIN code into the box entitled “PIN (Optional)”. Note that this is not actually optional if you are setting up parental controls. You may not use the PIN option if you are just creating additional adult profiles.
  6. Leave your access level set to Adults and click Update Profile.
  7. Now you’ll need to create your child’s profile. Click Add Profile.
  8. Type the name of the profile (your child’s name) and select which level of access is appropriate for them from Younger Kids to Teens.
  9. Click Add Profile and you’re done. When you launch Showmax you’ll be asked which profile you would like to use and you’ll need to enter the PIN code to access the adult profile.

That’s it. Well done to Showmax for launching this much-needed feature.

Please keep your PIN code safe. This applies to many things in life and is equally important when using PIN codes to protect your children. They never forget and if they see you enter it once they will have access to it forever!