Netflix has excellent parental control functionality but it’s not very obvious to find.  Netflix offers both Profiles and Parental Controls which are different but can be confused.

  • Profiles

Profiles are simply different users on the same account, but they keep what you’ve watched, what you’re busy watching and your future watch list separate from other users in your house.  It’s convenient in that your recommendations etc. will be tailored to you and not your children.  You can also set a profile to be a child profile which will limit what is shown on the recommendation screen to child appropriate content.  This is NOT parental control.  There is nothing stopping your child from selecting your adult profile and watching inappropriate content.  It is merely a filter Netflix uses to determine the content to recommend.

  • Parental Controls

Parental controls work across all profiles on your account, and allow you to set a PIN code on any content above a certain age limit.  It doesn’t matter which profile is selected, the PIN code is always requested and works across Netflix capable devices such as Apple TV, Tablets, Chromecast, PlayStation, Xbox etc.

You can create a PIN by visiting the Your Account page and selecting Parental Controls. You will need to enter your account password before you can set up your PIN. Creation of a PIN can only be done on a computer.

  • Enter four numbers into the PIN field (no letters).
  • Set your viewing restriction level.
  • Select Save.
    • Note: The save button is disabled until 4 numbers are entered.

Once you have successfully created your PIN, Netflix will send an email confirming the PIN to the email address you used to create your account.