Xbox 360

The Xbox 360 console lets you customise and manage your family’s access to games, films and television content. The Xbox 360 parental controls can be used to control both the console itself and access to content on Xbox Live, including:

  • Which games can be played.
  • Which films and TV shows can be watched.
  • How long each family member can use the console on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Whether or not a family member can access Xbox Live.

How do I turn on parental controls on my Xbox 360 console?

Parental controls for Xbox 360 can be set through the console itself or on Xbox Live through your computer.

Parental controls are divided into two groups: console controls and online safety and privacy settings. Console controls are located in the Family Settings or Family Centre area on your console (depending on your Xbox Live membership type).

Set parental controls on your Xbox 360 console

  1. On your console, go to Settings, and then select Family.
The Family tile is highlighted on the main Xbox settings screen.
  1. Select the gamertag of the child whose settings you want to adjust.
  2. Under Privacy & Online Settings, select Change Settings.
  3. Update the settings and then exit the screen to save.

Set parental controls through your computer

  1. Sign in to your Xbox account.
  2. Tap or click My account.
  3. Tap or click Security, family & forums.
  4. Tap or click Xbox 360 Online Safety, and then select the account you want to adjust. (Your child’s avatar will be shown here next to your own.)
  5. Select Allowed or Blocked next to the areas you want to limit or allow access to, and then tap or click Save.

What can I control on the console?

You can control the following on your Xbox 360 console:

  • Ratings and Content: These settings let you restrict games and video content based on the content’s rating. You can also set whether or not unrated or explicit content can be played on this console.
    Tip You can set up exceptions for individual games that are outside of the rating restrictions you’ve set.
  • Family Timer: This setting allows you to limit the time your console can be used on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Xbox Live Access: This setting allows you to decide if your family can connect to Xbox Live from this console.
  • Xbox Live Membership Creation: This setting allows you to control whether or not new Xbox Live memberships can be created from your console.
  • Change Pass Code: This setting allows you to change your pass code.
  • Reset to Default Settings: This setting allows you to reset the settings to their original factory settings.

How do I change my pass code on the console?

To change your pass code:

  1. On your console, go to Settings, and then select Family.
  2. Enter your 4-button pass code.
  3. Select Change Passcode.
  4. Select Change Passcode again.
  5. Enter a new 4-button pass code twice.
  6. Select Done.
  7. Select Save and Exit.

What can I do if I’ve forgotten the pass code I set up for parental controls?

If you’ve forgotten your pass code, you can reset it by answering the pass code question you set up parental controls. Here’s how:

  1. On your console, go to Settings, and then select Family.
  2. Select a content control setting to change.
  3. When you’re prompted, enter any pass code (even though it’s incorrect).
  4. When you’re notified that your pass code is incorrect, select Reset Pass Code.
  5. When your pass code question appears, use your controller or chat pad to enter the answer, then select Done.

If you can’t remember the answer to your pass code question, you’ll have to contact Xbox Support for further help.

How do I set the Family Timer on the console?

Use the Family Timer to limit the amount of time your family can use your console on a daily or weekly basis. Family members can see how much time remains by pressing the Guide button on the Xbox controller. When the time expires, the console shuts down and can’t be used again until the Family Timer automatically resets the next day or week.

To set the Family Timer

  1. On your console, go to Settings, and then select Family.
  2. Select On to turn on Console Safety.
  3. Enter a 4-button pass code using your controller.
  4. Select Family Timer.
  5. Select whether you want to set a Daily or Weekly timer.
  6. Move down to the time period and use the left stick to increase or decrease the time period, then select Continue.
  7. Select Save and Exit.

When the Family Timer is on, notifications will appear 1 hour, 30 minutes, 15 minutes and 5 minutes before the time runs out. These give players sufficient warning so that they can save their games. However, when one of these notifications appears, you can add time or disable the timer altogether by entering your pass code.

To add time or suspend the Family Timer

  1. When a Family Timer notification appears, press the Guide button to see the Family Timer options.
  2. Enter your pass code using your controller.
  3. Choose to add more time, suspend the timer or turn the console off.