DSTV Decoders

Setting up Parental Controls on a DSTV decoder is relatively straight-forward.

Here is how you can set the parental control on your decoder
1.Press the Menu button on your DStv remote control
2.Select the Parental Control Option
3.Key in the default Pin Code, which is 1234 (You have the option to change the default Pin Code)
4.Select Blocking Option (Option 1)
5.Scroll by right arrow and select User Defined
6.Go to Parental Levels and then choose the appropriate PG Rating
7.Selecting Family or PG13 will block an event rated 16 and above
8.Press `OK’ to save the settings
9.Press `Exit’ to go back to normal viewing.

The video below explains how to do it on the DSTV Explora decoder.