Keeping Kids Safe in a Digital World

We live in a world completely driven by technology.  It’s getting better, faster and easier to use every day.  The possibilities are endless, and the benefits are immense to the human race.  The industrial revolution was the extension of our muscles in order for us to build and do incredible things that were simply unthought-of in the day and we’re now well into the digital revolution, which is the extension of our minds to be able to send a thought at the speed of light across the world, to reach out to people and connect and collaborate in a way that was never before possible.  A modern smartphone is a million times smaller, a million times cheaper and thousands of times more powerful than the best computers of the late 60s which were used to put men on the moon and this rate of acceleration is only going to grow.

Each generation of human beings that comes along is more and more open to technology as they grow up with it and get more and more used to and dependent on it.  I can barely imagine a day without my smartphone or being connected to the people important to me from anywhere at any time.  This was a very different realty for my parents who didn’t have Skype and the internet and smartphones until they were much older. Think how it’s going to be for our kids growing up.

This is the most amazing time to be alive!  A lot of people who aren’t technically inclined see this stuff as a bit intimidating. They understand that they can’t stop it, that it adds value to their life, but can’t really be bothered to learn or understand it.  If it doesn’t work with one button simplicity, they won’t use it, and this is absolutely fine. I’m not suggesting everyone needs to become a tech-geek however all this progress and potential has a VERY dangerous underworld and we need to be made aware of this world for the sake of our children.

The risk now of accidental exposure is so much higher now because in the 80s and 90s, kids generally had to leave the home to be exposed to content that was potentially damaging, such as a video store, cinema, game arcade etc.  Now content that could permanently scar a young mind is being constantly pumped into our homes, brought in by well-meaning but ignorant adults or can be seen by accident by misspelling a Google search query.

This site aims to help “normal” people set up their devices and those of their children in a safer way to help prevent young children from being exposed to inappropriate content. Please leave comments asking any questions you may have that aren’t covered in the articles and we’ll do our best to respond.


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